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These are challenging times. Although people living with HIV, who are otherwise healthy, are at no greater risk of poor health outcomes due to COVID-19, many people are experiencing a range of issues related to employment lay offs, contract withdrawals, business closures and housing instability. Some members of our community are at higher risk due to comorbidities, and associated health concerns, and have had to undertake heavy social distancing measures to protect their health. Many members of our community are ineligible for many of the government support options due to residency and other requirements. 

This is seeing an increased call on services such as ours, including the David Williams Fund. This comes at a time when, the major funder of DWF over the last two decades, M.A.C. Cosmetics, has withdrawn its DWF funding and chosen to redirect the majority of its funding across Australia towards research at the Kirby Institute.

In 1986, the DWF was formed with a $1,000 donation from friends and family of one of the early Australians to die as a result of AIDS, David Williams. Its original purpose was to provide financial assistance to help people to die with dignity. As treatments have improved it now supports people to live with dignity through a diverse range of services that build financial resilience. 

DWF offers financial assistance, both with active advice and material aid. Our financial counsellor can help clients navigate debt, fines and government assistance, as well as helping people get in control of their new budget. We can also help people access groceries, medical needs and basic necessities that are expensive to replace, such as a bed or a fridge. 

These uncertain times mean there is need for the DWF now more than ever. By donating now to the DWF you will help meet the urgent needs of people living with HIV.


“I am sincerely appreciative for your kind consideration from the VAC David Williams Fund that were applied to my circumstances. I sincerely thank you for your kind professionalism, kindness, confidentiality & compassion and with such a high regard for respect and dignity. Thank you.”

Client since 2005 (on being granted a new mattress)

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