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It is scary to say, but for some, sleeping on the streets is actually safer than staying at home. Those who end up there, do so for a range of reasons. From abuse and substance problems, to mental illness and financial distress, the reasons are varied and every story is unique. However, those living on the streets and in crisis accommodation, often share one similarity, a loss of dignity, self-worth and connection to their community.

Eagles Corner is a different program for Australia, modelled on the highly successful restoration community in Italy- San Patrignano which has helped more than 25,000 socially disadvantaged have had their lives transformed. Located in north-east Victoria, Eagles Corner welcomes those who have taken the first steps towards recovery and are ready for real change.

Eagles Corner is in a unique position to extend our services to the Deaf, which is often a neglected part of our community, by offering culturally appropriate services that are not available anywhere in Australia and we need your help. 

Meals @ the Bridge has provided practical and emotional support to hundreds of men, women and children each year through its diverse range of services from its original site at Batman Park in Melbourne's CBD to our Eagles Corner RRR Program in regional Victoria.

Established in 2011, Meals @ the Bridge Lifeline Inc. works in accordance with its original mission: a community group dedicated to serving Australia’s homeless, marginalised and socially disadvantaged persons. After more than 10 years serving those in Melbourne’s CBD, we made the hard decision to close our Meals service in South Melbourne and focus on our Eagles Corner program. 

Eagles Corner is a Residential Recovery Program for men struggling with life controlling issues such as drug and alcohol dependence, anxiety and depression. We aim to bring hope, restore dignity and purpose, while imparting the skills needed to take steps toward rebuilding family relationships. Our committed team of staff and volunteers provide a network of services including housing, health, life skills, family, employment and financial counselling, rehabilitation and most importantly Deaf services.

Just over three years ago a Deaf man Simon, became the first Participant of our Residential Recovery Program. Learning new life skills and using the tools needed to make better decisions and develop a strong work ethic, has led Simon to rebuild, restore and renew his life, progressing to our House Leader and Cultural Integration Co-Ordinator. More about Simon’s story can be found on our website.

Eagles Corner has joined forces with Impact Recovery Bendigo and to engage within the Deaf community - Signpedia and Karli’s Health Centre to provided our unique program with on-line support through various Deaf services, as well as our growing involvement with the Deaf communities locally, NSW, QLD and SA to focus on the real life practical integration within the Hearing communities.

With the generosity of supporters to date, Eagles Corner has directly helped more than 15 Men in the last 18 months with advice, support and rehabilitation for mental health, substance abuse or homelessness issues. We have outgrown our present facilities, which are at capacity and the queue to engage our unique program is growing daily.

Homelessness and addiction is wide-ranging and far-reaching. For every person Eagles Corner helps change, at least another five people have benefited directly, with countless others benefiting indirectly. This includes children growing up without a parent, loved ones whose relationships are marred by the effects of addiction, as well as friends, colleagues and/or neighbours..

We have now set the goal to purchase a property in the same local area, which will enable us to increase our capacity, continue our positive achievements and reach for greater outcomes. These include:

  • expanding the recovery options for men facing the challenge of addiction
  • give our Participants access to more tailored services,
  • improve the potential to seek and maintain meaningful employment
  • leading to better health outcomes for these men, their families and the wider community.

Eagles Corner makes a real difference and you can too, when you invest in a solution to the problem. And of course, all donations are tax deductible as we are a fully registered charity.

There is always a need for more building, farming or kitchen supplies, donations, specialist services, sponsors or even a live animal or two! We know that every person has something to offer and we are all about highlighting individuals abilities to help a mate and give back to their community.

We're incredibly excited about what the future holds for Eagles Corner and we invite you to help in any way you can.

Interested in helping us?

Join your Community and help us fund to expand Eagles Corner! We would love your help in supporting us with a fully tax deductible donation.

There are a number of ways that you can help us financially. Some people like to set up a monthly deduction, others a one off gift. Whatever your capacity to give, know that your donation is going directly to supporting disadvantaged Australian's through Eagles Corner's services and programs.

Alternatively, if you are interested in setting up a Workplace Giving Program or maybe a personal regular gift please email  and we can run you through the options.

Another way to support Eagles Corner is through in-kind goods and services. As a small not for profit we relish the support from larger organisations who can help us grow Eagles Corner and reach even more disadvantaged Australians. We are always in need of products and services for Eagles Corner, as well as for general office services and support. If you have a business that you think could help us, then please get in touch with Michael 0402 252 041 at  - We welcome all offers of kindness and generosity.


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