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Earthquake Resilient Health Clinic Build in Nepal

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Lamagaun Village is a hilltop settlement in the Tanahun District of western Nepal, and home to around 300 families.

Living in this Himalayan village poses numerous challenges – especially accessing vital services like healthcare. Lamagaun is 9 km away from the main highway, and an hour-long 4WD journey just to reach the nearest hospital. For most residents and surrounding villages, the Lamagaun Health Clinic (LHC) serves as the primary source for medical assistance.

Built in 1993, the LHC was damaged by the earthquakes in 2015 and has now been classified as a building at risk by the local government.

The REACH for Nepal Foundation (RFN) has been delivering projects in the Tanahun District for more than three years including constructing three new classrooms (including two earthquake resilient classrooms), and other infrastructure projects including giving access to water at the local school, installation of water filtration systems, provision of educational resources and school uniforms, and the delivery of village sustainability projects.

The rebuild of the LHC is the most important project the RFN Foundation will be undertaking in 2024.  We are delighted to be collaborating with Cox Architecture (COX) and engineering consultancy firm TTW to build an earthquake resilient health clinic to replace the existing unsafe facility. While the floorplan will be based on Nepal's approved health post requirements, the building architecture and engineering design will be innovative, incorporating earthquake resilient design principles.  This project is expected to set a new benchmark in Nepal not only in terms of practicality and sustainability, but also in terms of adaptability to respond to Nepal's unpredictable medical support requirements.

The existing health post attends to around 300 patients monthly. The plan is to construct the new building about a kilometre away from the current site, utilizing a 600-square-metre plot generously donated by local villagers.

There is unanimous support from all stakeholders in Nepal for this project to proceed.

We need your help!

This exciting and crucial project is a joint venture with COX and TTW who are volunteering their innovative architectural and engineering services to pioneer the pilot build of this health clinic. 

This campaign is a call to arms to the partners and collaborators of COX and TTW to fund the project and be part of this unique and life-changing experience.  The project is likely to gain some profile in the local, national and potentially international press, and may set the standard for future health clinic builds not only in Nepal, but also in other countries prone to earthquakes.  

As a major sponsor, your company will be promoted and recognised as making this project possible.  

We estimate the 72m2 (53m2 internal plus veranda) build will cost AU$90,000, including the fit out and equipment for the facility.  The opportunity also exists for donors to travel to Nepal to contribute to the build and participate in a cultural exchange, an experience what we are confident would be a life changing and affirming experience.




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