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Port Phillip EcoCentre

Port Phillip EcoCentre


The Port Phillip EcoCentre is a not-for-profit organisation that works with Melbourne's community, business, educators and government to protect and enhance our living environment from the 'burbs to the Bay.


You will be sent a receipt as soon as your donation is received. If you wish to discuss a donation or bequest please contact April Seymore

How will your tax deductible donation be used?

To map our way to a plastic-free Bay

  • Education for schools and the community to protect and restore life in Port Phillip Bay and its catchments
  • Public screening and distribution of Baykeepers documentary film to kick start community action against plastic pollution in Port Phillip Bay
  • Community clean-ups of streets, waterways and beaches
  • Support for practical environmental action for community environment groups around the Bay and in its catchments
  • Promotion of environmental stewardship through partnerships with Indigenous cultural organisations to share knowledge and unique perspectives of the Bay

To train warriors for wildlife

  • Partnering with Traditional Owners to share knowledge and work to protect cultural heritage sites, and marine and terrestrial habitats
  • Working with young people to build and install nest-boxes for locally threatened native wildlife
  • Wildlife walks and talks: young environmental experts lead and guide others to learn, explore and protect
  • Empowering Youth Wildlife Ambassadors: to encourage, train and support young naturalists to protect local native species
  • Support for the Sustainability Schools Festival: to celebrate and reward school children and schools who are environmental champions

To back citizen science and eliminate ecological threats

  • Research into microplastic pollution in the Bay: conducting manta-net trawls in the Bay and its waterways to document, research and publish findings
  • Marine biodiversity surveys and research in areas affected by catchment run-off eg. the rocky reef at Point Ormond
  • Shell and mollusc research around the Bay incorporating new surveys and analysis and documentation of survey results conducted over the past 5 years
  • Citizen science projects to monitor Bay health indicator species, pest seastars and collection and analysis of micro plastic contamination (nurdles) from our beaches.
  • Research and development of innovative local neighbourhood scale green waste composting systems

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.