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Stand up for the Environment

Environmental Defenders Office Qld (EDO Qld) is an independent community legal centre, empowering the community to use the law to protect the environment.

We're your lawyers for the environment, driven by a commitment to justice and a passion for nature. Our goals are to protect clean air, soil and water for safe and healthy communities; to preserve and restore nature, the Great Barrier Reef and wildlife; to advance clean energy and to keep our climate safe.

We have an excellent track record on environmental protection:

  • We help everyday Australians to stand up for the environment. We give expert advice to anyone in the community looking to protect the environment in the public interest via our community legal advice line. Volunteer lawyers answer queries that spread across local, Queensland and national laws, and often relate to issues such as planning and development processes, vegetation clearing, pollution incidents and wildlife management.
  • We are international legal experts on laws that protect the Great Barrier Reef. In the past two years we have represented three conservation groups in three separate court cases relating to the dredging and dumping of spoil from the proposed Abbot Point port expansion. Due to the pressure from the community campaign and Reef court cases, the government was forced to drop plans to dump dredge spoil in Great Barrier Reef waters.
  • We represent individuals and groups in important public interest cases. Over the years, we've helped farmers, conservationists and community groups to stop the culling of endangered flying foxes, challenge mega dams and mining activities, and stop the destruction of our Great Barrier Reef.
  • We run landmark challenges showing the importance of public objection rights. The six-week Adani Carmichael coal mine objection exposed the fact that Adani grossly overstated the jobs and royalties that the mine can be expected to generate. Without this case the claims of Adani would have gone unchallenged in a court of law.
  • We advocate for stronger laws to protect and conserve your environment. We've appeared at committee hearings, drafted dozens of submissions and continue to meet with ministers and department staff to ensure the environment gets a fair go! In the past we have successfully achieved changes to both state and federal laws through the law reform process.
  • We work hard to educate you about your rights to access information, challenge risky developments and stand up for our environment. Since November 2013 we have been delivering free community information seminars known as 'LawJams', with a range of guest speakers, including Ministers, scientists, campaigners, activists, economists and lawyers.
  • We develop easy-to-understand fact sheets and handbooks so that you can understand the law. Our 'Community Litigants Handbook', commonly referred to as the "bible for environmental litigants" and our 'Mining and Coal Seam Gas Handbook' are in strong demand. Many rural and urban clients find these handbooks of great benefit. 

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