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Protect our unique environment

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Our Northern Queensland community's access to environmental legal services has been under threat due to withdrawal of government funding for EDO NQ.  Federal Government funding cuts since 2013 have had a huge impact, but the restoration of some funding under the Queensland State Labor government in 2015 has helped the EDO, but to keep going we are calling on the support of the community so that we, in turn, can continue to provide our services to the community.

For more than 20 years community groups and members of the public have made use of our community legal centre's environmental law free legal service. As well as making submissions on over 300 law reform and policy changes and presenting 200 legal education projects, EDO NQ has assisted over 1300 clients with 9000 information advices; 4170 legal advices and nearly 600 cases. This service assists conservation groups, members of the public and landholders to protect their patch of precious environment and heritage.

The legal services provided by EDO NQ are important for the conservation sector of Northern Queensland who are entrusted to protect this unique environment including the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area; Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and Riversleigh Fossil Mammal Site.

Some Australian governments have been sending a clear message that protection of the environment is not required, in fact it is a burden on their popularity with miners and developers! In December 2013 the Federal LNP Government announced the cancellation of funding to all nine EDOs across Australia. This followed on the cancellation of State funding to both Queensland EDOs by the Newman LNP government in July 2012. The election of the Queensland State Labor government in 2015 led to the restoration of limited funding that has helped the EDO to maintain a limited level of service to the Northern Queensland community.

If you have a special interest in protection of the Great Barrier Reef, tropical rain forests, coastal environments, seagrass meadows, mangroves, desert savannahs, biodiversity, public places, climate change, freedom from pollution, or sustainability - you can make that interest more concrete by supporting the work of EDO NQ's environmental lawyers as they provide access to justice for the Northern Queensland community and environment. Why not put off that coffee/beer/wine? Invest in a legacy worth leaving behind - a safe and stunning Northern Queensland environment, rich in World Heritage Areas! $10 can make a difference. $10,000 - a bigger one.

Funds raised will ensure the continuance of a free legal service provided by an experienced and skilled legal team in Northern Queensland. Supported of course by the seven other  members of the Environmental Defenders Offices of Australia.

To keep you informed of environmental issues and litigation activity relating to beautiful tropical Northern Queensland please like us on Facebook; or become a member 

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