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Environmental Defence Fund

EDO NSW (Environmental Defenders Office Ltd)

On behalf of the Millers Point community group, we are currently in the NSW Land and Environment Court challenging last minute amendments that will see promised prime public Harbour foreshore land at Barangaroo become a private 71 storey casino.

The concept plan for the development of Barangaroo was approved nearly a decade ago. It set aside important Harbour foreshore land for public park lands. But in June this year the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) approved a change that will see the public foreshore swallowed up by James Packer's Crown Casino. Our client says the PAC was wrong to remove public parkland for private profit.

This case is just one example from the hundreds of enquiries that we respond to every year, from communities concerned about the loss of open spaces and precious bush land reserves.

Please help communities like Millers Point with a generous donation to our Environmental Defence Fund.

Planning laws shape how we use and interact with our environment. Our public park lands, foreshores and bush land reserves can only be protected when these planning laws are properly applied. But when principles like ecologically sustainable development and the public interest are overlooked or misconstrued, the stakes are high - the community and the environment miss out.

Our client says that the decision by the PAC to approve the Crown Casino failed to properly consider our planning laws. The PAC claimed that its hands were tied in approving the Casino because of the NSW Parliament had determined that a casino licence would be granted over the foreshore area. The Millers Point community group says that the laws about where a casino licence can be granted do not override our planning laws. The PAC was required to properly consider how the casino will impact the environment, the community and the public's ability to access and enjoy our harbour.

We are helping Millers Point stand up for a better outcome for this iconic harbour landscape and maintain public access to the harbour side parklands. With your support we will continue to help communities across NSW defend public land against inappropriate and unlawful development. Sometimes decision-makers need to be held to account when it comes to protecting our public spaces.

Upholding the integrity of our planning laws is just one of the types of cases we bring on behalf of the community. You can help us continue to run cases like these by making a donation to our Environmental Defence Fund.

As the only independent and accessible environmental legal centre in NSW we need you so our dedicated staff can keep working for the community to protect the environment and uphold the integrity of our planning laws, including in the courts when needed.

Please make a generous donation to our Environmental Defence Fund.

P.S We know that the NSW Government is currently preparing to announce more changes to our planning laws. Your donation will also help to ensure that our expert planning lawyers will be on hand to review those changes and help the community understand what is being proposed. Please give generously today.

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