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Tasmanians love our national parks and reserves

We walk, camp, swim, paddle, fish, and ride in them. We go on annual family trips to favourite spots and adventures to new places.

We treasure the sanctuary parks provide to our unique wildlife, their significant cultural landscapes, and the solitude of our wilderness areas.

Our island’s natural and cultural heritage attracts people from near and far.

But our parks are under intense pressure from tourism, hunting, huts, helicopters, forestry, cable cars, and more.  

A tax-deductible donation to EDO Tasmania will help us to stand against these pressures and protect the places we all love.

It is critical that impacts on irreplaceable natural and cultural values in our parks and wilderness areas are rigorously assessed. 

It is critical that the priority for park management remains conservation of these values and building resilience against climate change and biosecurity risks.

And it is critical that the public gets a say in the future of our parks. 

Your donation will allow us to:

  • promote reforms that improve transparency and provide strict criteria for development in parks and reserves
  • help Tasmanians understand the rules and how to have their say
  • provide legal advice to people and groups trying to protect precious public places
  • use the law to challenge proposals that compromise the values our parks are designed to protect

Give now to defend our parks and reserves, now and for the future.

Thank you to all those who are able to give, and to those who've already given. We rely on donations to do our work and any support, however small, makes a huge difference.


PS  You can find out more about EDO Tasmania's work on a wide range of environmental law issues on our website.

If you would prefer not to donate online, click here for more options.

Please note: We'd like to stay in touch. Donors to EDO Tasmania will be sent email communication from time-to-time, including our fortnightly e-bulletin with news on the environment, law reform, legal cases, events and more. Feel free to opt out at anytime.


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