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Aboriginal women heal Aboriginal women through their strength, their community and their knowledge of what works for them.  A dedicated space is key. 

Elizabeth Morgan House, in consultation with our community and partners, has designed a space for connection and the coming together of support services. 

The Hub will take provide a range of integrated and culturally appropriate programs, including:

·       Generalist case management, financial wellbeing sessions and programs to support people to attain a living wage before leaving the Hub.

·       Arts and crafts programs, cooking classes and community meals, facilitated personal history lessons and assistance with letter writing and communication with families.

·       Facilitated yarns led by Elders and respected community members, yarning circles and external practitioner-run classes.

·       Supporting people to connect with the NDIS

·       Various training programs and opportunities.

·       Specific times for LGBTIQ+BS people to come together as a group.

The Hub's model is based around the knowledge that Aboriginality is a strength. When we nurture and uphold that strength, it can be a protective factor against trauma.

The creation of the Hub will see the current facilities retrofitted to create versatile and flexible spaces, capable of meeting the diverse needs of the community.

A calming sensory garden will also be installed, featuring native plant species.

Update: With $200,000 in support from the Victorian Government’s Living Local Fund, the Hub reurbishment can commence, providing a safe place for women and children to gather and take part in self-determining programs to build their resilience and capabilities.

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Elizabeth Morgan House pay our respects to the traditional owners and custodians of the lands on which we work. Sovereignty was never ceded. We pay our respect to our Elders, both past, present and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities. We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who fought tirelessly to create EMH, which has grown into a strong and successful Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation. We strive to honour them in our work.

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