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Emma Foster Memorial Fund

Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) Other Causes...

Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) has listed 2 other causes:
The Emma Foster Memorial Fund was established in memory of Emma Foster, a young ASCA member who passed away early in 2008.

Emma and her sister, Katie Foster were sexually abused by their parish priest, Kevin O'Donnell. Emma died of a medication overdose, aged 26. Katie already had a life sentence - a physical and mental disability sustained as the result of a pedestrian accident while under the influence of the alcohol she used to numb her pain. Emma Foster

Emma's parents, Anthony and Christine, now Ambassadors for ASCA are doing whatever they can to speak out on behalf of survivors of child abuse.

There are an estimate 4-5 million adult survivors of childhood trauma in Australia. This includes people who have experienced childhood abuse in all its forms, neglect, family and community violence in childhood and/or other adverse childhood events (complex trauma). ASCA provides professional support, education and training programs, as well as a trauma-informed approach to care to improve the lives of adults abused as children. We know how to help but we need your help to do so.

The difference your donation will make:
  • $25 = Publish 10 Breaking free newsletters
  • $50 = Maintain ASCA online services for 1 day
  • $100 = Provide 2 hours of trauma phone counselling
  • $250 = Sponsor a survivor to attend ASCA's survivor workshop
  • $500 = Support a day's development of ASCA's programs
Become a regular giver and help untangle the knot of child abuse.

Please give generously in loving memory of Emma Foster.

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