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Emma Foster Memorial Fund


The Emma Foster Memorial Fund was established in memory of Emma Foster, a young member of Blue Knot Foundation, formerly ASCA, who passed away early in 2008. 

Emma and her sister, Katie Foster were sexually abused by their parish priest, Kevin O'Donnell. Emma died of a medication overdose, aged 26. Katie already had a life sentence - a physical and mental disability sustained as the result of a pedestrian accident while under the influence of the alcohol she used to numb her pain. 

Emma's parents, Anthony and Christine, now Ambassadors for Blue Knot Foundation, are doing whatever they can to speak out on behalf of survivors of child abuse. 

Blue Knot Foundation is the leading national organisation working to improve the lives of 1 in 4 adult Australians who have experienced childhood trauma, including child sexual abuse, like Emma.

Many, also like Emma, struggle day to day with their self-esteem, relationships, mental and physical health and numerous aspects of everyday life. Research has established that when survivors receive the right help, even people who have experienced severe early trauma can recover.

Blue Knot Foundation provides that help through short-term phone counselling support, information, resources, tools and workshops for survivors and their friends, families, partners and loved ones. We also provide professional development training, supervision, consultancy and other services to practitioners, organisations and diverse personnel who work with survivors, across sectors. Once a year, as a community, we celebrate our national awareness day, Blue Knot Day. On the last Monday in October, Australia unites to raise awareness and support for Australian adult survivors. 

Donate now as a one off donation in memory of Emma Foster and help us to help Australian adult survivors of childhood trauma recover.

This is how your donation makes a difference:

  • $25 = Fund 5 Blue Knot pins 
  • $50 = Publish 20 Breaking free newsletters
  • $100 = Maintain ASCA online services for 1 day 
  • $150 = provide 1 hour of trauma phone counselling
  • $250 = Sponsor a survivor to attend ASCA's survivor workshop
  • $500 = Support a day's development of ASCA's programs

Or become a regular giver and help provide us with a sustainable source of funds. Together we can help untangle the knot of childhood trauma. 

Please give generously in loving memory of Emma Foster.

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