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E.M.P. Pathways


What Is E.M.P. Pathways?
We are grass roots gaming and music mentors, pure and simply. We guide young people and their carers through the beginning phases of their journey through the music and gaming worlds and help them establish themselves in a safe way.

The Issue
After successfully running music and healthy gaming mentorship programs out of local sporting clubs for the past year, E.M.P. Pathways will soon no longer have a venue.

As a start-up not-for-profit organisation, we have not been eligible to apply for major funding during this time and have relied upon the financial support of the community and a small grant we received, thanks to a sponsorship from Key Assets Australia.

We do not have the funding to hire a venue to ensure our members receive continued support while we actively pursuit a new venue and major funding. Therefore, we are appealing to the community for assistance during this time.

The Plan
We are ready to grow as an organisation. We became eligible to apply for major funding on June 5 and are evaluating our program outcomes and preparing funding submissions right now.

This process will take time, during which, we plan to hire a venue in order to provide continued support to our young people.

The goal: $500,000
Which will help fund...

Permanent Venue hire 
Equipment maintenance
Lawyer fees to ensure E.M.P. Pathways is meeting all legal obligations
Resources for running workshops, masterclasses and activities for our young people and their guardians

And by doing this you'll also:
Ensure the continued mentorship of over 20 young people
Help us to accommodate for even more young people
Enable us to start-up two other programs designed for supporting youth and thier guardians
Be supporting a local not-for-profit start up organisation that is passionate about developing healthy communities and nurturing the skills and positive life choices of young people.
Potential Outcomes For Young People
Enhanced sense of self
Increased coping skills
Positive peer relationships
Deeper connections to community and culture
Improved home life
Improved school life
Social Skills
Work skills
Improved cognitive function
Ability to compromise
Ability to give and receive constructive feedback
Increased empathy

Key E.M.P. Pathways Achievements So Far:
Incorporated Association
Able to purchase required musical equipment thanks to a successful crowdfund campaign and a Grant through Grants SA through sponsorship from Key Assets Australia
Succesful organisation and implementation of 6 successful master class and concert events
Grown member total member base to 36 (including Guardians and Volunteers)
Launched therapeutically supported music program, 'The Jam Den' for young people
Launched ‘Cyber Awareness: Online Gaming’ Presentation for parents with Relationships Australia
Provided members with musical equipment required to practice at home
Supported members during Covid-19 crisis by converting services online

Feedback from those who have received mentorship or worked with E.M.P. Pathways:

"The engagement of parents or guardians as partners in this process is most impressive. I particularly like the ‘Young People Review’ as it encourages many social skills that young people often find hard to develop in the 21st century. ‘Enhancing the experiences and not restricting them’ with the level of engagement in an activity, not the activity itself being what creates positive change is quite profound in a world of many challenges for young people.” Dr. Jayne Meyer Tucker, Founder, JMT INC.


“EMP Pathways have the ability and knowledge to adequately and professionally fill a void in the youth sector.
You have demonstrated that you have a solid understanding of the unique issues that are impacting so heavily on our young people.
Your workshops not only precisely demonstrated the issues but offered answers steeped in theory, research, ethics and compassion.
Cameron’s passion and drive is evident and contagious.” Flora Fielder, Manager, Social Work Directorate

“As a parent of a child currently in the Jam Den pilot program, I have noticed my child since the start more interested in music on many levels. He is asking more questions about different genres and styles of music, and he has been bringing forward more ideas of what he’d like to learn and play with his instrument. I’ve observed more social gatherings with his band members towards further their progress, and general positivity every time it’s a jam day, as well as satisfaction after he’s had a rehearsal. I am glad more has been allocated towards the arts and less time towards the PlayStation. It has also created more conversation in our family towards a topic that everyone can relate to- being music, and we are very proud of what we have viewed in just one term alone!” Parent of E.M.P. Pathways Jam Den Member


“EMP has given me the opportunity to meet/jam with new people to explore my musical interests.” E.M.P. Pathways Jam Den Member


“As an expressive therapist who uses music and the arts in the development of healing relationship, I consider its value to be of the utmost importance in building social connection, self- esteem and identity. Cameron’s unique program has the potential to turn around the lives of young people at risk of unemployment, homelessness and addiction and will benefit their families and the community. I would like to give my wholehearted support for EMP Pathways and hope that you will be able to assist Cameron in every way possible towards the fulfilment of this very worthwhile program.” Marcelle Tsalikis, Senior Therapist, Key Assets

“Directly from those who have lived experience of the gaming universe, this is the most action packed and informative session I have ever experienced. Cameron and his team deliver true insight upon the benefits and pitfalls of gaming; from the inside out. Timely, topical and purposeful, I highly recommend this training.” L’hibou Hornung, Consumer Voice Coordinator, Relationships Australia South Australia (regarding EMP Pathways' 'Cyber Awareness: Online Training" presentation.

How can you help?
We are urgently seeking further public and corporate support to sustain and grow into the future.

Please donate as soon as you can!


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For all enquiries please contact:
Cameron Dodds, Founder/President, E.M.P. Pathways via


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