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Enveco Health is a health promotion charity registered in Victoria and endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR). Our vision is to be an innovative leader in the mental health sector through providing holistic recovery-based services in a therapeutic community. Our programs are designed to empower individuals who experience mental ill-health to survive, thrive and live independently in the community. Our vision is that the recovery centre will become a model for sustainable living practices and innovation in the mental healthcare sector.

Our mission is to establish an eco-sustainable trauma recovery centre that will support those experiencing mental ill health to have access to an alternative residential healthcare facility. Various complimentary services will be onsite provided by a range of allied health professionals, working collaboratively.

We will support those living with mental ill-health to have access to residential support in a beautiful natural setting including holistic healthcare and somatic therapies, a community garden, fresh local produce, an on-site cafe and function centre and a place to provide residents and visitors with the opportunity to work and train within their means.

Enveco will be promoting a strong volunteering network; we aim to set a benchmark that approximately 30% of jobs (paid and voluntary) arising from activities, services and programs to be allocated to people with lived experiences of mental illness. We are a peer lead organisation and this centre will be the first of it's kind for Australia.

We can’t make this happen without you, if you are as passionate about mental health as we are, if you have experienced or know someone that has experienced mental-ill health or PTSD then please donate.

As a social enterprise, we will be offering accommodation, employment and training opportunities for residents and participants. All membership fees and donations go towards helping us make the Enveco Recovery Centre a reality by bringing local communities together.


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