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Environment East Gippsland Forest Fund

Environment East Gippsland

Environment East Gippsland works to protect Victoria's last area of intact and ancient forest and its wildlife.

For decades we have been documenting, exposing and challenging the collusion between the logging industry and government. We have protected many areas by taking legal action and forcing the government to adhere to its own the environment laws.

We receive no government funding so are free to 'bite the hand' that never feeds us. We are outspoken and pull no punches. In 2009-10 we successfully sued the Victorian government's logging monopoly VicForests, in a landmark Supreme Court case. We saved a rich area of 600+ year old forest, habitat to a number of endangered wildlife. Since then we have successfully won six other legal actions against the government and VicForests.

We intend to continue exposing this scandalous, third-world style destruction of public forests and to maintain legal pressure on the government.

One of the next threats looming is the push to cut down our forests to fuel electricity generators, both here and overseas.

Environment East Gippsland can accept cheque donations by mail or credit card donations only online (see links below).

Please help Environment East Gippsland and our ongoing work to save our forests and wildlife.

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