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Tell Trans Tasmanians They Are Loved

UPDATE: the Glenorchy billboard was vandalised and is still not fully-functional. When it is, the trans-affirming ads you have contributed to will show. Meanwhile, an identical anti-trans billboard has appeared in Hobart Road, Launceston. We intend to display trans-affirming ads from that billboard as well. Please help us send a life-saving message by contributing towards displaying our ads. 

Trans and gender diverse Tasmanians are under attack from those who want to stigmatise and exclude them.

Join Equality Tasmania in showing TGD people they are loved and belong in our community.

We need to raise $1400 for a month's worth of positive messages about TGD members of the community on the electronic billboard on the Brooker Highway in Glenorchy.

Sadly, this billboard hosted the anti-trans slogan "Let Kids Be Kids" during Pride Month. 

Now it's our turn to challenge prejudice and create acceptance with positive messages of affirmation and inclusion.

Donate today if you can, and/or share this with your friends so they can.



Equality Tasmania (formerly the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby) is an advocacy group made up of volunteers, who are specifically pursuing equality for the LGBTIQA+ community in Australia. We have no political affiliations other than actively seeking to gain the support of, and to provide support to, political and public figures who offer to advance LGBTIQA+ rights for all Australians. 

Our advocacy work can come with expences, so we call on LGBTIQA+ community members, along with family, friends and allies, to donate as much or as little as you are able to help us have the greatest impact possible. We welcome both one-off donations during particular campaigns, and regular monthly donations which allow us to cover ongoing costs such as office rent and Salamanca Market site hire fees.

Our current campaigns include (but are not limited to):

  • banning Converstion Practices in Tasmania
  • banning medically-unnecessary surgeries and other interventions on intersex children
  • transgender rights
  • opposing the Federal government's Religious Discrimination Bill which threatens LGBTIQA+ protections under exisiting Tasmanian and Federal anti-discrimination law

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Level 4, HCC Service Centre 16 Elizabeth Street

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