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Helping students with special needs across New South Wales.

Sir Eric Woodward School (SEWS) is a NSW Department of Education (DoE) School located in St Ives. We provide quality education for students from diverse backgrounds across NSW via two distinct educational delivery modes. A face to face setting allows for students who present with physical and intellectual disabilities, complex medical conditions, or an Autism Spectrum Disorder to access the curriculum via meaningful and engaging learning opportunities. SEWS also offers state-wide provisions for students who cannot attend a face to face Department of Education school for a variety of reasons and is the only school in NSW to provide this service, through the Distance Education Support Unit (DESU). With an integrated services approach we focus on the whole student, breaking down barriers while promoting equality and excellence. At Sir Eric Woodward School, we aim to work collaboratively as part of a broader cohesive community with a collective responsibility to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need for life.

Sir Eric Woodward School aims to be the best integrated services school. Providing therapies that work consultatively with education staff opens access to our students, their environment and education. Therapy staff provide strategies in positioning, strength, endurance, communication, eating, hand coordination and emotional balance. All vital skills for students with additional learning needs. However, SEWS community funding only allows for limited access to these beneficial services. In order to provide a quality personalised education and an authentic curriculum to engage all students in stimulating learning opportunities, we need to ensure that our students have access to the best integrated services and the most up to date resources and technology to compliment best practice. With your help we can expand these services and resources to provide the best opportunities for our students, preparing them for life outside of school.

You can help us provide the education and support that our students need.

 •$56 provides engaging sensory activities

•$70 buys hydrotherapy pool equipment to support therapies in the water

•$240 buys communication software 'ProLoQuo2Go' for one iPad

•$245 provides additional support staff for one day

•$279 buys an iPad mounting system allowing students independent access to an iPad that aids communication

•$299 provides 'BIGmack' switches that are assistive communication technology

•$420 provides a music therapist for one day

•$539 buys an iPad enabling communication for non-verbal students

•$549 buys a swivel camera to enable access to an eye gaze communication system

•$810 provides a speech therapist, physiotherapist or occupational therapist for one day

•$950 provides a large outdoor chess set play equipment for our playground

•$1,100 buys sensory and educational outdoor wall panels for our playground

•$9,000 buys large outdoor musical play equipment for our playground

•$19,000 funds a music therapist for one day a week for a year

•$35,000 funds a speech therapist, physiotherapist or occupational therapist one day a week for a year

•$58,000 funds additional support staff five days a week for a year to provide extra support to students who need it most

Sir Eric Woodward School also currently does not have access to a common area to effectively accommodate whole school activities and are aspiring to build a purpose built hall with a Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) for whole school community events, modified sport, physiotherapy exercises and assemblies. The cost for this building is estimated at $950,000. Help us build our hall!

Visit or find us on Facebook to learn more about what we do and how your gift will benefit our students.

Donate to Sir Eric Woodward School to help students with special needs maximise their potential!

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