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Espod Geelong Inc

Emotional and psychological recovery following a pregnancy


Emotional Support for Pregnancy Outcome Decisions Appeal

Women involved in an unexpected or difficult pregnancy may feel confused and unsure of what to do. An unexpected pregnancy can change a person's life.

Espod Geelong Inc:

  • Has respect for life
  • Espod is available to clients after hours
  • Espod provides information and support services not provided by others. For example, we discuss the difficulties some people have with choices around undertaking abortion and the possible abortion aftermath; we provide free services as most of our clients are unable to pay fees; we emotionally support people intensively in the short-term, acute phases of their decision and in the longer-term where there is sustained or chronic difficulty
  • Specialized post-abortion recovery program encourages clients to consider their current post-abortion difficulties as predictive of future abortion. Research shows that without intervention people tend to solve future unplanned pregnancies with the same strategy
  • Espod offers preventive programs aimed at young people in schools

Espod is a volunteer driven organization

How will the funds be used?

  1. To provide training and supervision for volunteers to run the services so that accountability and compliance will not suffer
  2. Provide free pregnancy testing, confidential options counselling for people who have an unexpected or difficult pregnancy
  3. Provide post-abortion recovery program support for people to come to terms with their loss as they work through their grief and come to understand the full impact the abortion has had on them and their family
  4. Maintain the after-hours 9am - 9pm telephone support service for people who are unable to access our service during opening hours
  5. Provide sexual health and relationships education programs to secondary schools in our region
  6. Upkeep of the online resources. Video conferencing, live chat counselling, and web call counselling to people who are isolated, who are geographically remote or unable to travel to an office

$5,542 raised so far

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.