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Eva's Place Pregnancy & Early Parenting Support Inc

Eva's Place - Pregnancy and Early Parenting Support


An unintended pregnancy can cause a woman to feel like she´s in a tornado. Ever felt like that?

Everything´s whirling around and you just long for someone to care, listen and offer support.

At Eva´s Place, we are there for women & teens who are faced with a positive pregnancy test. Like 18 year old Sarah, whose partner said he would deny he was the father of her child and she´d have to face life alone; or like 34 year old Katherine, who has 4 children and her husband has been sent to jail.

Eva's Place gives practical, emotional and material support to women and teens throughout their pregnancy and up until the end of the first year after their baby is born.

What can you do?

You can help to ensure women like Sarah and Katherine in Toowoomba, Dalby, Roma and Kingaroy receive that support.
You can help to ensure that support continues till their babies are 1 year old. Women and teens can be supported through their tornado experience to a place of being well prepared to be a mum. (Eva´s Place receives no government funding.)
You can help to ensure that women and teens know how and where they can receive support in the Darling Downs, Western Downs, Maranoa and South Burnett regions in Queensland.

How will the funds be used?

Mentoring Program 
Eva´s Place Mentoring program is a key service provision. Through one-on-one and group mentoring, clients participate in lessons about pregnancy and antenatal care; new-born and baby care, preparation for parenting; nutrition, budgeting and other life skills; and more. They also build relationships with good role models who demonstrate good mothering.

Running Costs:
Rent, electricity, data, stationery, postal, cleaning... You know these costs -Eva´s place has them, too! These mundane but ever-present expenses continue day by day as we support local women.

Baby Boutique:
As women participate in the mentoring programme, they earn "Eva´s Place Dollars". The dollars can be spent in our baby boutique to acquire all the items needed for a baby - disposable nappies and wipes, clothing, footwear, bassinet/cot linen, plus larger items like nappy bags, cots, bassinets, porta-cots, baby rockers and play mats, baths etc.

$10 per month pays for hospitality expenses which convey value, worth and comfort to women and teens.
$34 per month pays for one client to access the mentoring program.                                                                                                        $60 pays for the baby goods program for a year for one client.
$100 per month provides a complete service package for one client. 
$250 - $450 pays for promotion, so women know where they can find support in southern and western Queensland.
$1,400 pays for a month´s rent.
$5,000 pays for a year-long promotional & awareness campaign.

$197,468 raised so far

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.