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The Ex-Military Rehabilitation Centre Inc

Ex Military Rehabilitation Centre


XMRC History

In 1990 members from the Aldgate RSL formed an incorporated association (The Grunt Club) to oversee the purchase of lands in the Murray Mallee and to establish rehabilitation and recreation activities for Vietnam Veterans and their families.

In 1994 the group identified a need for metropolitan based activities and formed a partnership with the Vietnam Veterans Association (VVA) to establish the Ex-Military Rehabilitation Centre (XMRC) to provide activities and welfare assistance for ex Defence Force personnel and their families. XMRC was initially set up with labour from Grunt Club’s Correctional services and Centrelink’s work for the dole programmes at the Hampstead Rehab Hospital and staffed by volunteers from the Ex-Service community, and many civilian helpers.

In 1999 the facility was relocated to a factory site on Defence land adjacent to RAAF Base Edinburgh. The year also brought the final payment on the townships of Mootatunga and Karte.

In 2008 the facility was again relocated to its current site, which was opened by the Governor of South Australia on the 28th February 2008.


The Peter Badcoe V.C. Complex is housed in a factory and office block on an acreage of Defence Department land opposite RAAF Base Edinburgh.

Workshops are provided for Carpentry, Computing, Arts & Crafts, and are complimented by a recreation room and dining area. Meals are provided on the programme days of Tuesday and Thursday, with staff providing catering for functions and fundraising events.

A legal referral service is provided from a network of Barristers, Solicitors and Legal Firms and access is provided to the field worker to most Courts, Prisons and Institutions. A special focus is on children.

Welfare activities are diverse and range from drug rehab assistance, house moving, transport, gardening, painting and loans of furniture and equipment.

Work for the Dole programmes are supervised on Tuesday and Thursday at the centre, and some weekend activities are conducted offsite. These work crews assist with maintenance of the complex, recycling activities, building demolition projects, computer rebuilding, vehicle restoration and general labour duties.

Partnerships with MAC group, The Shed and Helping Hand Men’s group have provided services for residents of the Northern Suburbs, and this has allowed ex-military personnel from other nations to be involved in our programmes.

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