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We’re here for young writers—and have been for over 30 years! #HereForStories

We are Express Media, a national youth literature not-for-profit and incorporated association. We proudly incubate, demonstrate and celebrate young writers, creators and voices from across the country. We do this in an annual program of publication, skills development and mentorship, recognition of excellence, collaborations and innovative events. We’ve been doing this since our punk 80’s origins, and we’re still kickin’ on 30 plus years later.  

Although it seems difficult given how hard the arts has been hit in Australia over the last two years we see possibilty and positivity on the horizon!

Beginning October 13th 2021, we are asking you to join us in advocating for the next generation of young storytellers as we launch ‘Here for Stories. Write Our Future’, a campaign made up of 6 chapters across 8 months where we’ll celebrate the last 30 years of Express Media’s colourful legacy, our exciting present, and young storytellers promising future. 

As ambassadors of young storytellers, let us show you why we see positivity on the horizon, and join us to help make it a reality!

We are here for you, and thanks to you. 

Over the past 2 years, your contributions have helped us achieve some incredible things and we’re excited to keep building on that. This year, your contributions will help us continue to nurture our growing community of young writers and creators through:

  1. Voiceworks, our flagship publication! We want to publish more, commission more, have bigger and innovative launches showcasing your work (party more when it's safe to do so!).
  2. Quality skills development opportunities! We like quality. Our workshop series Toolkits runs over 12 weeks with young industry leaders and one on one mentorship. Rather than increase our class size we want to increase our programs. 
  3. Access and Inclusion! We know there are voices that are currently not platformed. Help us work to develop programs that remove barriers so all voices can be heard. 
  4. Our website! Yes, yes we know.. It’s a little old fashioned, maybe a little clunky... What's this? A post from 2013? Goodness...Help us jump into an update!

Every little bit helps! No matter the size of your donation, you’ll be helping us to achieve these and more. We believe wholeheartedly in the work you do as young writers and creators and your donation will help us to help you keep making cool art and writing to send into the world. 


We are a registered Deductible Gift Recipient Organisation with Tax Charity Concession status. It is many words, but it means that all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible!

All donations made via our GiveNow are secure and issued with an instant tax receipt, hold onto this and you can use it come tax time. For more information on tax deductible donations and how to claim them, click this link to the ATO website. 


Thank you for helping us be there for young writers!

- The Express Media Team



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