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Help support Australia’s young writers.
Words CAN express how grateful we’ll be.

We all know the saying ‘words can’t express…’
‘Words can’t express how much I love you.’
‘Words can’t express how great I think that is.’
‘Words can’t express how happy you make me.’

But words can express. They can express love, and joy, and wonderment. They can express knowledge, and culture, and understanding.

And they can express how truly grateful Australia’s young writers will be if you support them.

But words alone can’t help the next generation of young Australian writers flourish. Express Media is here for young writers, and we need your support to help us with our mission.

Whatever you can give to keep Australia’s writers expressing themselves and keeping our writing culture alive will be appreciated, and words will continue to express gratitude from young writers into the future.


About Express Media
Express Media is Australia’s peak organisation for young writers, editors and storytellers. Positioned between industry entry and established networks, we foster youth passion for the literary arts and equip the next generation to populate and inspire the digital platforms, bookstores and festivals of the future. We present an annual artistic and service-oriented program that develops creative skills and builds capacity among young writers.

Our vision is for young Australian writers, editors and storytellers to be celebrated and supported and for more young people to be encouraged to share their stories across a range of platforms.

We invite you to join us to achieve this vision. With your support, we will achieve our goals to:
- ensure the continuation of our programs and opportunities for young writers
- be a leader and innovator in developing, supporting, publishing, promoting and recognising young Australian writers and editors for the future
- actively break down barriers to access and inclusion in the literary arts

Australia's thriving community of emerging young writers and creators need your support.
Thank you for your generosity!



We are a registered Deductible Gift Recipient Organisation with Tax Charity Concession status. It is many words, but it means that all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible!

All donations made via our GiveNow are secure and issued with an instant tax receipt, hold onto this and you can use it come tax time. For more information on tax deductible donations and how to claim them, click this link to the ATO website. 

Thank you for helping us be there for young writers!

- The Express Media Team



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