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Due to the actions of a few influential market players, farmers have been forced to accept unsustainably low income for their milk. After many years of this unfair treatment, our farmers are experiencing physical and mental hardship at frightening levels.

In some instances the farmer's anguish is resulting in the worst case scenario, the loss of life.

You can help us help them!

Will you act?

Your donation could be what helps turns this all around!

What every person in Australia needs to understand:

  • Dollar milk is a gimmick to get customers into supermarkets
  • Dollar milk means dairy farmers run at a loss
  • Farmers making a loss have to sell cows to pay the bills
  • The Australian dairy herd is rapidly shrinking
  • Milk is priced cheaper than water
  • This is not sustainable

Do you care?

If this continues at the current rate there will not be enough fresh milk for Australian consumers, YOU.

The number of Australian dairy farming familes has dropped from 12,000 to about 6,000. With more looking to leave each day!

Show dairy farmers you do care!

Please join our campaign and assist us to raise the funds we need for a massive advertising and education campaign.

The Ultimate Price

Dairy Farmers in general do not like discussing the rate of suicide among their own, whilst the Government address the symptoms not the cause. However, one family has decided to go public...

Open letter to all those prepared to listen

By writing this letter we hope that this can help bring about change and make people aware that our farmers still out there need help, real help now!

Please read their story

What will the campaign do?

The campaign will highlight the current situation and will implore Australians to boycott $1 milk and other unfairly discounted dairy products and to educate the public as to the real threat this poses to our nation's food security and how they can be best support Dairy Farmers in a real meaningful and positive manner .

We will also bring pressure to bear on Governments, to act on behalf of dairy farmers as they should. Including putting pressure on the major supermarkets and acknowledging the real threat to our farmers our country and as a result our Nations Food Security.

Remember providing milk is already classified as an essential service and this is currently being undermined!

We want to ensure that farmers get a FAIR GO and FAIR RETURN for their work.

Farmer Power will also make sure that benefits achieved through this campaign are directed to the dairy farmers specifically, where the support is needed most.

You can make a one-off donation or sign up for a monthly contribution. Regular contributors will receive our monthly newsletter which will inform you of the ground made in this campaign plus other activities that will be announced during 2017 - 2018.





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