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FAWNA Food 4 Wildlife & Nest Box Appeal

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NSW's Mid North Coast is facing unprecedented drought and horrific fires that have decimated wildlife habitat.  As well as receiving and rehabilitating burned animals our FAWNA volunteers wish to help the area's animals, and birds survive until drought-breaking rains arrive

How will the funds be used?
Support from FAWNA for all our volunteers with the full cost of products, food and housing for all wildlife bush fire victims. 

Just days after the fires decimated members' properties and a macropod release area in the Mopabarrabah and surrounding district FAWNA has  purchased kangaroo pellets and wild bird seed for distribution to affected areas.    We need to keep this going perhaps for months until the weather improves.

History is repeating itself as the area just 4 years ago was so badly affected, one member lost her home and her precious wildlife habitat and our campaign at the time for public help ran....

A phone call on 15th November 2019 from Mick at Moparrabah in the Kempsey region.....

"Mate", Mick said

"I saved my house, but we lost sheds, and I don't know what I am going to do with all the kangaroos and wallabies and birds that have no feed.  Everything's burnt.  They're like family to me, and I don't know how I can help them".

Mick received his first supply from the FAWNA Food 4 Wildlife scheme on 15th November and was so thankful.  Knowing this help is available for the longer term meant so much to him.

The nest box project aims to provide alternate homes for all the wildlife species - possums, gliders that are dependent on tree hollows, so many of which have been consumed by fire.  We are bulk-purchasing nest boxes that will provide alternate homes for possums, gliders and bird species who are dependent on tree hollows for their homes. The installation will be a challenge, and we will be seeking community partnerships where we can.

FAWNA is through the media, encouraging the community to put out Water4Wildlife to help them survive these horrible conditions.  As well we will be supporting the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital's rollout of its project providing mobile water stations out in the field.  

Key Areas of Expenditure for this 2023 campaign repeat of what worked 4 years ago..

All donations from this appeal will be spent on food items and equipment that directly benefits injured, orphaned and disadvantaged fauna. Any capital wildlife care items purchased will remain FAWNA's property but will be held by active wildlife rehabilitators.  Veterinary costs for wildlife will be included.

All of FAWNA's activities are directed to meeting our aims For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid, and our admin costs are kept to the bare bones. There are no paid employees - maximising our dollars to benefit wildlife directly.


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