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Adopt an Aussie Animal

FAWNA's Adopt an Aussie Animal Appeal is designed to seek help from those people in the community who care about the fate of the individual native Australian animal that comes into FAWNA's care and want to help -
  • help to allow FAWNA to purchase wildlife care foods and equipment
  • help to directly benefit the several thousand injured, orphaned, and distressed wildlife each year in FAWNA's area of operation on New South Wales' mid north coast - Great Lakes, Greater Taree, Gloucester, Port Macquarie-Hastings and Kempsey - an area over 13,500 sq km.

How will the funds be used?

  • FAWNA underwrites half the costs of fauna food but needs community support to continue this programme. It is not intended that an individual animal is adopted, rather that donations go directly to purchase foodstuffs and equipment for wildlife coming into the care of FAWNA volunteers.
  • A successful appeal For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid will help provide FAWNA's wildlife rescuers and rehabilitation volunteers with the resources to nurse and raise injured, orphaned and distressed wildlife; volunteers who are finding it increasingly difficult to continue underwriting the cost of wildlife rescue and care. To successfully raise and/or rehabilitate native animals it is essential to offer the appropriate diets, medications and housing that allow correct nurturing, and then take them through the dehumanizing prior to release to a habitat close to the original encounter location; one where the particular species is endemic and present. Rehabilitators grow and need to purchase rodents, insects, mealworms, crickets, worms, fish, termites and other unmentionables to feed their wildlife charges, keeping the diets as close as possible to what that animal or bird finds in the wild to sustain itself and successfully breed and perpetuate its species.
  • To raise an orphaned kangaroo or wallaby joey from the just furred stage to pre-release can cost well over $300 even before a carer provides heat pads, thermometers, scales, bottles, teats, pouches and liners, to name just some of the requisites necessary for being a successful wildlife carer.
  • Birds in care need special nutritional supplements to augment the natural food a good wildlife carer needs to source for the avian patient. To catch an injured pelican without a ready supply of fish is nigh impossible. Orphaned flying-foxes and fruit-eating and nectar eating birds need fruit just when the Christmas prices skyrocket and our meat-eating birds can be costly patients.
  • Rehabilitation yards, aviaries and housing, and possum and glider boxes to go with an animal upon release to the wild are expensive items for the individual carer to afford.

Key Areas of Expenditure

All donations from this appeal will be spent on food items and equipment that directly benefits injured, orphaned and disadvantaged fauna. Capital wildlife care items purchased will remain FAWNA's property but will be held by active wildlife rehabilitators.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.