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Feeding Young Minds Inc.

Feeding Young Minds Inc.

Feeding Young Minds, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization located in St. Kilda with a purpose in the areas of Arts, Culture, and Education. Artistically, we provide creative support and a platform for young people and artists with culturally diverse backgrounds to develop and showcase their creative work. Educationally, we give bursaries to students who are undertaking a multicultural creative project.

Our mission is to advance and promote our four pillars of humanity: Diversity, Inclusivity, Freedom, and Equality. It is important to note that while we’re using the word “diversity”, our goal is to show our audience a story of the human condition that happens to be coming from a person who is culturally diverse.

FYM is about celebrating diverse cultures by connecting to the human element in all of us.


Let's check out some featured programs we are currently working on.



Voices of Diversity is a digital storytelling program created to support, teach and enable creative young people who are culturally diverse, marginalized, and disadvantaged to develop their crafts and to become paid professionals working in the industry. 

In addition to generating employment opportunities in the community, through our screen media multicultural program, we’ll highlight the intertwined nature of our diverse world between our society, culturally diverse people, and their lived experiences through digital storytelling and as an inspiration for social change and hope for the future.

Through the program, we will celebrate and share diverse cultural traditions, build social and cultural connections, and encourage community partnerships. We will train and teach young people multimedia (digital and visual media) skillsets for their professional development and become paid experienced workers in the industry.  See more



Anyone suffering from a mental illness deserves to live a fulfilling life free from stigmas around mental illness. As a society, we should feel safe and free to talk about mental health – because it's okay, not to be okay and it's okay to talk about it. See more



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