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Fitted for Work - Annual Appeal 2015


"Having work changes everything. With regular money coming in, I can now plan for our future. I can be a positive role model to my children. I will never forget what Fitted for Work did for me."

Nicole had suffered more than 10 years of domestic abuse. Some may wonder how someone like her - an educated, intelligent and articulate woman - could end up in this situation. But, like so many women who suffer at the hands of a perpetrator, Nicole was didn't realise she was being abused for many years. All she knew was she felt trapped in an unhappy situation, feeling bad about herself and her marriage Her husband's behaviour towards her had shattered her sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

Eventually Nicole's husband abandoned her, leaving her to raise their children alone. Nicole feared their future. Unemployed and alone with three young kids to feed, she struggled to make ends meet. She lived in a constant state of worry and fear. Despite all her best efforts, she could not find one employment agency that could help her.

During her first appointment with Fitted for Work, Nicole felt so nervous and very unsure. She felt shame and an intense fear of revealing her vulnerabilities. But something transformational happens when a woman escaping domestic abuse, like Nicole, comes through Fitted for Work's doors. Soon after spending time with our trained volunteers and staff, Nicole opened up. For the first time in a very long time, she said she felt safe. She felt hope

Nicole has now been employed for over 6 months and is looking forward to the future. She is enrolled in our Staying Employed Program and has been matched with Angela, one of our 190 dedicated volunteer mentors. Angela is helping Nicole to maintain her confidence, overcome workplace challenges and adjust to her new role so that she can keep her job and progress in the company.

Our free programs are critical, particularly to women escaping domestic abuse. For these women, paid employment often provides the only way out of a horrific situation. Thank you for your gift today. You are helping us continue to help women like Nicole develop the skills and confidence to get work and keep it.

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