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FKCLC Police Accountability Project Appeal

Flemington & Kensington Community Legal Centre Inc

An end to racial profiling in sight

"It's not about one police officer, it's about changing a whole system.''
Daniel Haile-Michael,  18 February 2013

The first and most hopeful challenge to the practice of racial profiling by police we have seen in Australia was settled on Monday 18th February  with a landmark agreement for Victoria police to publicly review its training and 'field contact' practises.


This community legal centre has been working on this issue for over 7 years and the end of racial profiling is now within sight.

"[Racial Profiling] makes you feel like you will never belong in society. That you're not welcome here, and that you are a second-class citizen no matter what … For any migrant community, police are a reflection of the government and the mainstream community."

Racial profiling is a form of discrimination which violates basic human rights and contributes to inefficient and ineffective policing. It has been shown to cause alienation, disengagement, detrimental health impacts.

In the second half of this year, Victoria Police will hold a public inquiry into how and when they stop people in the street and their cross-cultural training.

There is real hope for substantial reform and an end to racial profiling in Victoria - And we need your help to make it work.

How will the funds be used?

We aim to spearhead multiple Victoria Police and legislative reforms with the aim of addressing and ending racially discriminatory policing in Victoria;

We will actively support impacted communities to address racially discriminatory policing and facilitate community input into the Victoria Police enquiries and parliamentary law reform processes.

We will jointly organise a People's Hearing,  a unique process to capture popular testimony about the nature and impact of racialised policing; hearing from impacted communities, witnesses, victims, advocates and community representatives. A comprehensive public report will go to government and the Victoria Police enquiries.

This project could substantially improve the way in which police work with Indigenous and newly arrived culturally diverse communities in Victoria.

An end to racial profiling will mean:  
  • Significant improvement in social inclusion, employment, wellbeing and health indicators experienced by multicultural communities in Victoria;
  • Victoria Police recognised internationally as a professional police service in its response to racial profiling;
  • A rise in community confidence, trust and respect for Victoria Police;
  • Victoria remain a global leader in multicultural affairs, and as a cohesive multicultural, multilingual and multi-faith society;
Please add your support to end racially discriminatory policing in Victoria.

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