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Help us push back against the racialised crime panic

Help us push back against the racialised crime panic

We have been working to end racial profiling for over 10 years.

"[Racial Profiling] makes you feel like you will never belong in society. That you're not welcome here, and that you are a second-class citizen no matter what … For any migrant community, police are a reflection of the government and the mainstream community."

Racial profiling is a form of discrimination which violates basic human rights and contributes to inefficient and ineffective policing. It causes alienation, disengagement, health impacts and is hugely detrimental to society.

We look at issues systemically, tackling the political, cultural and social causes of racially discriminatory policing.

There is no doubt that racialised media coverage and commentary is increasing discrimination and the racial profiling already experienced by community members with African backgrounds. Harmful media stereotyping fosters exclusion. Young kids of African backgrounds are facing distressing levels of harassment, profiling and criminialisation.

After years of pressure, Victoria Police command now understand that discrimination and distorting facts about who is committing crimes is harmful and undermines good policing. However, it is during times like this where racial profiling by operational police is more likely and the need for police stop and search data monitoring is vital.

There is still real hope for substantial reform and an end to racial profiling in Victoria - And we need your help to make it work.

How will the funds be used?

We are currently spearheading multiple Victoria Police and legislative reforms with the aim of ending racially discriminatory policing in Victoria.

It is called the Without Suspicion campaign

We actively support impacted communities to address racially discriminatory policing. We facilitate community input into Victoria Police and parliamentary law reform processes.

The Without Suspicion campaign will substantially improve the way in which police work with Indigenous and newly arrived culturally diverse communities in Victoria.

Countering racialised crime panics

We support, resource and work alongside community leaders.

Our Peer Advocacy Team engage, support, educate and work with young leaders and impacted youth communities

We respond to, brief and resource media - providing clear, analysis of media bias, harms of racialised crime panics and countering deportation and other punitive approaches. We produce our own materials but also respond to journalists on a daily basis.

In 2018 we will work with allies on a national campaign to combat deportations and to prevent the deportation of children. This will be a core campaign area for 2018 and intrinsically linked to our Without Suspicion campaign against racialised policing.

See our latest work, reports and activities here.

An end to racial profiling will mean:  

  • Significant improvement in social inclusion, employment, wellbeing and health indicators experienced by multicultural communities in Victoria;
  • Victoria Police recognised internationally as a professional police service in its response to racial profiling;
  • A rise in community confidence, trust and respect for Victoria Police;
  • Victoria remains a global leader in multicultural affairs, and as a cohesive multicultural, multilingual and multi-faith society;

Please add your support to counter the harmful impacts of racialised crime panics and end racially discriminatory policing in Victoria

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