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Major Appeal: The Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer, incorporating the LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Centre, will have a unique focus on the scientific pursuit of cancer prevention technologies, the translation of these into community and the provision of multidisciplinary compassionate cancer care.

Imagine the brightest minds and the kindest hearts working together to find solutions for cancer. You can help us…



Through housing research and patient care side by side, the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer will provide:


  • LIVESTRONG Cancer Research Centre - A research laboratory space within in the Centre where medical scientists will focus on cancer prevention, early intervention and innovative cures. This will include space for future collaborators and visiting experts for new research groups and easy collaboration between specialists and medical scientists.
  • A multidisciplinary cancer clinic which will act as a management centre for the whole patient journey, linking them to services in the Centre, the hospital and the community. Surgeons, oncologists, psychologists, nutritionists, lymphoedema specialists, social workers and nurse practitioners will work collaboratively through this clinic to improve the patient journey.
  • The Wellness Spa which will provide post chemo/surgery services to help restore peace and tranquillity and may include treatments such as acupuncture, massage, meditation and naturopathy services.
  • An information kiosk with free internet access and trained volunteer counsellors to guide researchers to appropriate websites.
  • Patient support and education services will be available in the Centre.
  • A lecture theatre/public space will become an education hub for medical students, health care professionals, surgeons, oncologists and researchers. It will also be used to deliver a range of community outreach and educational programs.

Who is the Flinders Foundation?

The Flinders Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Flinders Medical Centre. Through the generosity of the community, the Foundation is able to support the hospital and the 400+ researchers based at Flinders in many ways.

The Flinders Foundation aims to advance health and wellbeing in partnership with the community through an ongoing commitment to world standard research, education and patient care. The Foundation raises money and gives the opportunity for people to invest in the wellbeing of present and future generations.

The Flinders Foundation is structured to receive and administer gifts both large and small to advance health and well-being in partnership with the community.

Key Areas of Expenditure

To create new technologies to detect and treat pre-cancerous cells and intervene before cancer takes hold

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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