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Ending Waste. Ending Hunger


Australia produces plenty of food, but we waste a lot too. As much as 25% of the food we produce goes to waste while up to 20% of Australians experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months, that is, where families or individuals do not have access to or cannot afford sufficient, safe, nutritious food. 

Food insecurity can affect all people in our community. It is in many ways largely unseen and may well be affecting the lives of people you know. From single parents, students and elderly people struggling to manage after the loss of a spouse. Families on low incomes or in crisis, recent migrants, and even children are among those struggling to afford enough food. In fact, approximately one third of all those experiencing food insecurity are children. 

SecondBite is one of Australia’s largest food rescue charities. We work with farmers, manufacturers, retailers like Coles, and over 1000 charity partners to deliver the food for over 50 million individual meals last year alone – completely free of charge.


$1 = 5 meals - for every dollar you donate, SecondBite can redistribute enough food for up to 5 meals.

By donating to SecondBite, you will be helping Australians who need a hand gain access to free food when they need it most.


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