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Ending Waste. Ending Hunger


In Australia, we throw away an unbelievable amount of perfectly edible food every day. At the same time, it is estimated that up to five million Australians - 22% of the population - experienced food insecurity in the last 12 months, that is, the circumstance in which families or individuals do not have access to or cannot afford sufficient safe, nutritious food. Of these, three out of every ten go an entire day without eating at least once a week and sadly, this includes children, of which more than one in five experienced food insecurity over the same period. 

Food insecurity can affect all kinds of people in our community. It is not isolated to people living on the street, it could be people living in your street. From single parents, students and elderly people struggling to manage after the loss of a spouse. Families on low incomes or in crisis, recent migrants, and even children are among those struggling to afford enough food. In fact, approximately one third of all those experiencing food insecurity in Australia are children. Food insecurity is an issue that does not only affect people who are homeless in our communities. It is in many ways largely unseen and may well be affecting the lives of people you know.


$1 = 5 meals

For every dollar you donate, SecondBite is able to redistribute enough food to provide 5 meals.

By donating to SecondBite, you will be helping Australians who need a hand gain access to free food when they need it most.

To date, SecondBite has redistributed over 71 million kilograms of food nationally, providing well over 140 million meals. SecondBite has operations in every state, and supplies fresh, nutritious food to over 1,300 agencies nationally, completely free of charge.

2018/2019 financial year, SecondBite rescued 19.4 million kilograms of food, equivalent to nearly 40 million meals, or over 104,000 meals every single day.


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