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South West Community Foundation

Food and Fibre Great South Coast

$5,554 raised so far

$5,554 raised so far

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Food and Fibre Great South Coast represents our region’s food and fibre powerhouse that spans Victoria’s south west. 

Operating across the five local government areas (LGAs) of beautiful south west Victoria, we’re not your standard representative body. We’re small, lean and punch well above our weight to drive prosperity through our region’s largest industry: food and fibre. 

With a strategic plan one year in, we’re making significant headway to secure our region’s future. Whether it’s attracting our future workforce and creating a positive industry image, leveraging the opportunity of 400 new jobs, a $40m boost to the regional economy and $21.7m in increased household income through sustainable water management or championing sustainable energy pathways for all, the targeted actions we take today will secure our place as a world class food and fibre region that proudly lifts regional prosperity for all.

We need local support to continue this vital work. Help us to grow the future of our region and join us today. 


Our goal is 1000 contributions of $200 or more per year. With continued support from our Council partners, this outcome would make us sustainable and achieve a higher impact into the future.

You can select where your money goes:

- Nurture Food and Fibre Careers through the Careers Advisory Panel and other activities to  inspire rewarding careers in South West Victoria and building the workforce of tomorrow.
- Regional Value-Add, Investment and Sustainability to advocate for energy fairness, decarbonisation  and regional investment.
- Realise the Water Opportunity and unlock $40m for the local economy. 
- Champion all aspects of food and fibre in the Great South Coast.


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