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Footsteps to India


Footsteps to India is an adventure to inspire, it has the power to teach the value of freedom, equality and compassion. 

The adventure begins hiking the mountains of Ravangla in Sikkim State together with the students from our partner school Basic Human Needs, before joining the students at their school in Varanasi, India.

These students live in a society that rejects them, denying them basic human rights based on an archaic caste system. Education becomes a privilege only entitled for higher castes. We may never know the reality of their lives, but we can walk with them and listen to their stories. Through them we can learn more about the world and our part in it.

This is the first international event organised by SCOOP Australia and sponsored by White Rose Collection and Sorelle Organic Hair and Beauty.  Natalie (owner of White Rose) and Sabrina (owner of Sorelle) will be joining Lisa, the founder of SCOOP Australia on this unique once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our goal is to raise $5000 to support the education of the students, most of whom live in the slums on the Ganges River. 

Donate now to support the students who display true commitment to their own education in an effort to break the cycle of poverty.

Experience the power of giving back to your global community and join a global community of inspiring adventurers.


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