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Thank you! We are so glad that you have chosen to join us! Forget Me Not Australia is committed to providing vulnerable children with a future with your help through shelter, education and most importantly and opportunity to thrive! Through your generous donation we help children and their families in Uganda to live safe healthy and educated lives. All of our work gives children a better future and helps to build strong families and communities. We work to stop children ending up in 'Homes' and 'orphanages' and keep them connected to their traditions, tribes and language. An institution is a very last resort and we work to have every child in a family unit where they can be in the best situation to develop well. The magnitude of such suffering and injustice for vulnerable children in Uganda can seem overwhelming, but your choice to take action can make and extraordinary difference. Uganda is home to 2.3 million orphans as the result of disease, war and poverty. Many children end up on the streets and become victims of violence, exploitation, child sacrifice and trafficking. Through our rescue and reunite work we give back children their true heart's desire of a reconnection to their family! We provide for children within their family units and work to rebuild family bonds that create strength with in communities. 

You money provides the opportunity for children to have their basic needs met. Education is a key to ending poverty and the opportunity to attend school has life changing benefits. Strong children, Strong family bonds, Strong Communities because - Every Child Matters. THANK YOU!

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.