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Thank you! We are so glad that you have chosen to join us! Forget Me Not Australia is committed to providing vulnerable children with a bright future. With your help we provide shelter, education security and most importantly, a true chance at life! Through our rescue and reunite work we give back children their true heart's desire of a reconnection to their family! Research tells us that as many as 85% of children in 'Homes' and 'Orphanages' have one or both parents who are alive who, if supported, would care for their own children. An institution, no matter how well run, has long-term detrimental physiological effects on children. With your money we work to end child trafficking and institutionalisation and rebuild little lives and precious family bonds and create stronger communities. We rescue and reunite children with their families and provide loving and safe shelter while we search for family and children's true identities. Your money will provide a future where children thrive and grow to be productive members of society. You and Forget Me Not can get children back home where they belong. The orphanage nightmare is over! Now Every Child Matters - THANKS TO YOU!

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