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Family Planning NSW is the leading organisation for reproductive and sexual health in New South Wales, Australia and the Pacific. Our mission is to enhance the reproductive and sexual health and rights of our communities by supporting all people to have control over and decide freely on all matters related to their reproductive and sexual health throughout their lives.

The Pacific has some of the lowest reproductive and sexual health outcomes globally, but is often forgotten in the global development landscape. As Australia’s closest neighbours, Family Planning NSW has the capacity to support and make a difference for Pacific Island communities.

Where do we work?

Each year we reach tens of thousands of people across ten countries in the Pacific including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Kiribati, and Cook Islands. Our projects train clinicians and provide information and education to communities on sexual and reproductive health services including contraception and cervical cancer screening. We also work with governments and local organisations to ensure these services are disability and youth friendly.

What have we achieved?

We build the capacity of local partners to deliver services, education and information to clinicians, communities, educators, government officials and young people across three program streams – comprehensive sexuality education, contraception and cervical cancer.

Since 2010, we have:

·         Provided reliable contraceptive supplies to 17,305 women in the Pacific

·         Trained over 1,200 clinicians and community workers on contraception

·         Screened over 15,000 women and trained over 200 clinicians in cervical cancer

·         Trained 357 peer educators who have provided training to 35,103 community members on consent,  gender based violence, and joint decision making

·         Trained 1,000 teachers, volunteers, health workers and school children in disability rights and access

Why is it important?

Sexual and reproductive health programmes are proven to provide the skills and information required to make informed decisions on family size and spacing. Enabling women to delay starting families allows them to participate in education, employment, and political and civil activities. Supporting a strong reproductive and sexual healthcare system contributes to sustainable population growth, healthy populations and lessens pressure on resources. 

How will your support help?

Your donations will help Family Planning NSW/Australia continue to ensure all people in the Pacific have the right to bodily autonomy and to make informed choices about their bodies, sexuality and reproduction, free from coercion, discrimination and violence and empower the Pacific to champion improved sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

Investing in family planning is one of the most cost-effective interventions in global health and development. Every dollar spent on contraceptive services saves $2.20 in maternal and newborn healthcare, and it costs less than $184 per person to save a women from dying from cervical cancer. We need your help to ensure that these programs can continue in the Pacific. 

Family Planning NSW receives support through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). Every donation you make to our ANCP-funded projects will be combined with funding from the Australian government to reach more people. We have committed to contribute $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian government. Your donation will allow us to extend our programs.

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