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Indigenous Family Violence Prevention

Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention & Legal Service

Aboriginal women and children are disproportionately victims of family violence in all communities - the gendered nature of family violence is unquestionable. National data indicates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are 40 times more likely to be victims of family violence than non-Indigenous persons.

The legal problems arising from this violence have layers of complexity and the legal system lack culturally appropriate approaches to dealing with these issues. The high levels of family violence and sexual assault in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are exacerbated by the devastating racist and discriminatory treatment of Aboriginal people which has led to ongoing trauma and entrenched disadvantage.

It is clear that family violence and sexual assault impacts upon a range of law and justice outcomes and the capacity for Aboriginal women to participate in policymaking has been limited.

The Aboriginal Family Violence Prevemtion and legal Service provides assistance to victims/surviors of family violence and sexual assault and works with families and communities affected by violence.

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