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New Garland: Build a garden of inspiring stories

$5,394 raised of $5,000 goal
$5,394 raised of $5,000 goal

Garland is our platform for discovering and promoting the inspiring works of craft in Australia and our region. These work help connect us to our place and heritage, going forward into a world where we need to care more about what we make. 

We began five years ago on a journey to gather stories from across the wider world. We've been thrilled with the number and quality of stories just waiting to be told. Over 1,000 stories have been told by 500 writers from 63 countries. We've outgrown our website and need to re-built it so that these stories can be enjoyed into the future and new ones can be planted. 

We are seeking support to help us create a new garden of stories for Garland. Our target is $AUD 5,000, which is around $5 a story. While subscriptions help us cover overheads, we do need a one-off investment to take the next journey. Your donation will help us re-plant this rich knowledge for future enjoyment and learning. The new platform will include:

  • Navigation pathways for exploring themes, materials and places that feature in the stories
  • Better reading experience with improvements in clarity of colours and formatting
  • Expanded space for accommodating new stories
  • A gateway including useful information about current exhibitions, upcoming talks and festivals.
  • Knowledge weaving that develops new concepts for connecting together stories

With these improvements, we hope that our garden continues to be a source of pride for the writers and inspiration for the readers.

Anything in excess of our $5,000 goal will be directed to supporting our Knowledge Keepers, who guide us in respecting lands and their people. 



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