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The Gasworks Foundation enriches the community’s experience of the arts by supporting the programs of Gasworks Arts Park and initiating projects within the park, both permanent and ephemeral.

Your donation enables the Foundation to facilitate the creative careers of artists in crucial ways. In the last year we have supported prize money for artists in the From Nature exhibition, which encourages a wide range of artists to express themselves imaginatively on the park, both the People’s Choice Award and the Jury Prize (the latter going to the park’s own resident artists, Ben Storch and Oliver Ashworth-Martin).

We have also supported the diversification of Gasworks’ excellent school holiday program, opening it up to members of the community who for various reasons would not have been able to afford it or access it

In the structural area of the park’s life we have supported the installation of improved signage at the Graham St entrance to the park and enhanced lighting in the theatre foyer which is an important point of gathering. We have also helped with the appeal for new seating for the theatre.

This year we will be supporting One Fell Swoop, an ensemble of emerging physical artists who after a successful Circus Showdown performance in 2015 have honed their craft and performed in festivals across the world. We will help them develop an exciting new work, Sensory Decadence to premiere at Gasworks in August 2019.

We hope that you will join us, by making a donation towards enhancing the life of the park for all generations. 

Your details remain strictly confidential.

Gasworks Foundation is a registered DGR. All gifts over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.



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