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Philanthropy 500


2021 Philanthropy 500 Campaign 

Our goal - 200 people @ $500 = $100,000 high impact gift to our local community

Philanthropy 500 (P500) aims to highlight unmet needs in our community, to increase involvement in philanthropy across Geelong and support community programs. Our strategy is to make one primary grant each year and to grow an endowment fund collectively.

A $500 donation made by 200 people is pooled to create $100,000 for the community.  $50,000 is allocated to fund a high impact grant for a local community organisation and $50,000 is invested in the P500 Endowment Fund. Interest from the Endowment Fund will be added to the 2021 grant and each grant thereafter.  $2,500 interest was added in 2020.  Donations are tax-deductible. The P500 Endowment Fund provides a lasting gift to our community. 

2021 Grant Theme

The P500 grant theme for 2021 is community wellbeing.   Grant applications will open in August 2021.  The P500 Support Group and Foundation Grants Committee will assess applications from organisations who are making a difference in our region.  P500 donors will vote on which local charity will receive the transformative grant. More information about P500 is available at the Foundation's website




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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.