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The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association Inc.

Hindu Cultural Precinct at Gold Coast


Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association (GCHCA) located at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia is a platform and a catalyst to integrate communities, to foster harmony, to enhance music, dance, health, education and mental wellbeing within the wider community. GCHCA will provide a space for the youth and elderly to engage, share and create a talented, vibrant humanitarian society. 

Your support will assist the Association to build, develop and promote an Education and Cultural Hub engulfed in Hindu culture, arts and education with good moral values. Your generosity will provide an environment for our rapidly growing communities, residents, tourists and future generations to experience a life of spiritual and physical wellbeing.  

The Hindu Vedic culture promotes love, respect, honour, a non egoistic innate inner pure and modest nature to shine forth. An ancient philosophy and a way of life, the Hindu education and culture covers advanced system of ethics, meaningful rituals, practices, traditions and beliefs. These values advocate rightfulness, respect, care, harmony, moral wellbeing and the universal betterment of humanity. The association will provide a platform to promote and expand innovative programs in education, youth & adult activities, and service to the community. 

The GCHCA will promote Hindu culture among the wider community by being inclusive and supportive of friendship, respect, peace and tolerance. In particular, the association will promote and foster Hindu cultural activities such as classical literature, music, dance and classical language & spiritual education by providing resources and facilities at the proposed "Hindu Education and Cultural Centre".

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