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GeneEthics would be lost without your support - our loyal and generous members and donors. Without you GeneEthics would not have succeeded since 1988! You also get the credit for our many wins over the years, and lots more to come.

Your non tax-deductible donation keeps the GeneEthics team working for GM-free.

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GeneEthics is a non-profit educational network of citizens and kindred groups. We want the precautionary principle, scientific evidence and the law rigorously applied to all proposed uses of genetic manipulation (GM) technologies and their products.

GeneEthics generates and distributes accurate information and analysis on the ethical, environmental, social and economic impacts of GM. Our education programs critically assess GM for the public, policy-makers and interest groups.

Please help GeneEthics to work for safer, more equitable and more sustainable GM-free foods, farms and communities.


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

We respectfully acknowledge and celebrate the traditional owners and elders - past, present and future - of this land, over which sovereignty was never ceded.

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