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Georges River Life Care

Georges River Life Care General Appeal

Each year Georges River Life Care provides assistance and support to hundreds of families in need. Two key areas we are working in are Autism Support and Domestic Violence. We enrich and empower the lives of people dealing with difficult circumstances through a range of services that you can support.

Your Donation will help to fund the following programs:

  • Autism Support groups for parents of children with Autism - providing advice, direction and safe place to be heard and listened to.
  • Autism Social Skills Groups helping kids with Autism develop skills to build and maintain friendships and reduce the risk of lifelong isolation.
  • Legal Advice Clinic - empowering individuals with accurate advice and compassion - helping to prevent the cycle of violence and establishing safe boundaries for women and children.
  • Life Care Women - providing a monthly oasis for hurting and isolated women - restoring lives through connection, pampering, therapeutic conversation, and inspirational speakers.
  • Counselling - providing subsidised sessions for people in need and those that cannot afford a private counselor.
  • Food Bank - providing food and supplies for families in financial crisis

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.