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Girls from Oz (g-oz) exists to improve educational and employment outcomes for Indigenous girls and young women in remote Australia, by providing high quality performing arts education and travel programs. g-oz was formed by the directors, staff and alumni of the Australian School of Performing Arts (ASPA) and employs a tried and tested arts engagement model, developed over 30 years, to engage and re-engage females living in some of the most at risk communities in Australia. 

g-oz is not audition or talent based, but uses the performing arts as a hook of engagement to increase attendance at school, and ultimately address disadvantage and break the cycle of poverty by expanding learning opportunities, strengthening connections to family, school and country and encouraging growth in confidence and resilience.

Once participants have demonstrated strong engagement in the program, along with regular school attendance, they are invited to participate in our Travel Program to a capital city.  This is a popular, aspirational program, and participants have performance opportunities, as well as the opportunity to engage in educational, vocational and social activities. 

The g-oz program has been designed to improve girls' engagement with schoool and improve the likelihood that they will pursue further study and employment, by exposing them to vocational pathways and opportunities available outside of their own small town.  Our goal is that through this program of engagement, girls and young women will break the cycle of poverty and pursue opportunities in education and vocations. We provide strong outcomes - 84% of participants who participated in our Travel Program are still in education or employed.

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