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Dear Friends,

Our world has suddenly changed. We are living through unprecedented times. The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is causing anxiety, uncertainty, and disruption everywhere.

At Gift of Bread our dynamic team of volunteers is still committed to social justice and building community. Everyday, we collect fresh surplus bread from bakeries and deliver it to those in need. We’re a grass roots charity run entirely by volunteers, ordinary people reaching out, doing the extraordinary with something as simple as sharing bread.
Gift of Bread currently reaches 10,000 people every day. While encouraging people to follow social distancing rules, we are still making the connections that build community. We reach out to help the forgotten, the unknown, the vulnerable, the lonely, the isolated, the depressed and the most needy around us.
As the Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread globally, our ability to raise critical funds has taken a significant hit. We’re at breaking point and find ourselves in this impossible position of how much longer we can help.
Right now, demand for our service is growing and we are finding it hard to pay for vehicle registration, insurance, running costs and fuel, operational supplies like plastic bread bags, crate liners, hygienic gloves and more. We critically need help. Without the necessary cashflow, we may not be able to continue to play a crucial role in supporting Australia’s frontline welfare safety net.
Any donations to sustain our mission are significantly more important today as we are being asked to do more with a lot less.
Help us make a bigger impact. MAKE A DONATION NOW, your generosity will have a positive effect and transform the lives of many people who are at risk in our community. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.
Gift of Bread is bridging the gap among those who are alienated from friends and family, lack informal support networks, and often have limited ability to access basic services. Sharing bread is an important community event that maintains that fundamental feeling of belonging, is socially responsible, makes good use of surplus food and helps the lives of many people around us.

Thank you and may God bless you for being a vital member of our team. 


Marcel De Maria

Co-Founder & Director


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