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Who is Global Care?

Global Care is the social justice and disaster relief arm of inc (International Network of Churches). With 85 operations and over 2000 volunteers, Global Care is an army of kind that lives out its DNA of Mates Helping Mates. Programs and activities include disaster relief, food parcels, low cost groceries, NILS (no interest loan scheme) and many others.

By giving to Global Care, your tax-deductible donation will be used to assist those in crisis and those in need. Your donation is an act of kindness that will enable Global Care to provide assistance to victims of natural disasters, just as we have done since our inception in 1996.

Global Care volunteers has provided assistance to:

  • Drought Stricken Farmers 2014
  • Kilmore Bush Fires 2014
  • Blue Mountain Bush Fires 2013
  • Bundaberg Floods & Tornadoes 2013
  • Queensland floods 2011
  • Kinglake Bush Fires 2009 
  • Australia's Black Summer Bush Fires 2019-2020

Thank you for your generous donation to the work of Global Care.

You can also give or register as a disaster relief volunteer by going to

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.