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Gosford City Community & Information Service Ltd

"Help I'm In Crisis" Fund

Our "Help! I'm in Crisis" fund is an emergency relief support to help those who are in crisis through circumstances that have found them in dire need.

We believe it the utmost importance that as a community/neighbourhood centre, being most often the first port of call for people who are in desperate need, that we have the ability to provide the much needed resources to assist people in finding some relief as they try to rebuild their lives.

​OUR AIM is to continue to help:

  • women and their children who have fled from violent homes to relocate through transport costs or furniture removals, continuing education, school fees, food assistance etc.
  • those who have found themselves suddenly homeless through other crises such as disasters or financial loss - mostly in circumstances beyond their control.​

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Food assistance
  • Purchase blankets, socks, home utensils eg heater, and other essential items
  • Relocation costs - transport, furniture removal and/or temporary storage costs, pet care/boarding
  • Continuing education, school fees, uniforms etc
  • Assistance with temporary pet accommodation

​As a community centre we are also able to provide wrap around services through our own programs, including the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance Scheme (EAPA), financial counselling and NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme) and further support and referral to other appropriate avenues of assistance, connecting people in need with the people who can help.

​Most people find themselves in crisis at some point in their lives and here at

Gosford City Community & Information Services (GCCIS) we are passionate about helping people to find relief in these times.  

One day it could happen to you.

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