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Safe Haven Community Centre & Children's Home


Safe Haven Community Center & Children's Home is a Jesus focused
organization that serves families and children of Metro Manila, the

Our Children's Home provides temporary care for abandoned, neglected and voluntarily surrendered children in a safe and loving family environment, until reintegration or permanent placement is attained. 

Our Community Center also facilitates a number of holistic, community-based services and programs such as feeding programs, medical clinics and livelihood projects to sustainably empower and enhance families and communities living in poverty.


Our Mission

At Safe Haven we believe that every child deserves to be seen, heard and loved.

So our mission at Safe Haven is simple! We focus on children; their rights, their education, their physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and their overwhelming desire to be loved and to belong.

We're not about quick exits or hasty solutions. Instead, we use our resources and various networks (both government and non-government) to find safe, secure and loving homes for each and every child that passes through Safe Haven.


What we do to help 

Safe Haven Community Center & Children's Home is committed to:

  • Vigorously defending those children in desperate need of a safe and secure loving environment.  
  • Empowering individuals, families and communities through livelihood projects, feeding programs and skills-based training and development
  • Actively promoting children's rights within the Philippines and abroad.
  • Integrating child protection policies into all aspects of our organizational strategy, structures and workplace practices.


The work of Safe Haven Community Center and Children's Home is only made possible through the generous donations of our partners and supporters.  All donations are used to directly impact the lives of children and their families. 

If you would like to know more about Safe Haven Community Center & Children's Home, you can find out more by visiting our Facebook or Instagram accounts or our website at If you have any further enquiries, please contact us at


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