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Where do the new stars of the acting industry come from?
How can we ensure our Stage Managers have a wealth of diverse experiences?
Who provides opportunities for Directors to hone their craft?

These are not questions we ask ourselves very often. We assume that young people finish drama school and work in hospitality until someone unearths their ‘extraordinary’ natural talent. But the truth is far more complicated than that. Just like professional athletes, young talented people need to be continually working on their craft in order to survive and thrive, and they need to have a solid community around them.

Famous actors and directors often credit their success to a lucky break, but the reality is that lucky breaks rarely come to those who aren’t prepared for the opportunity. Much loved Australian actor, and Red Stitch ensemble member, Kat Stewart, insists it was only after joining the company that she developed the confidence and ‘match fitness’ to take her break when it arrived.

The Red Stitch ensemble is first and foremost a community of like minded creatives who put the artist at the centre of their practice. The company was originally conceived to provide opportunities for actors and give them final say in artistic decision making. After the extraordinary success of the company’s early years and the natural turnover of ensemble members over time, the company decided to look at augmenting its audition process by reaching out to leading acting schools and offering an opportunity to young actors after graduation. Successful applicants would join the Red Stitch company as full ensemble members for a year and be part of the artistic decision making; participate in regular company duties; and perform in at least two productions over the course of the annual season of plays.

This idea was first presented to the Victorian College of the Arts and warmly embraced by their 2007 graduating company. Later, it was extended to The National Drama School, Federation College, the 16th Street Acting Studio and Flinders University in South Australia. Today the program is also offered to candidates from directing and design courses, as well as graduates in Stage Management and a number of theatre production schools. The opportunity is also extended to more interstate candidates, including graduates of WAAPA and NIDA.

Throughout their year long engagement with Red Stitch, graduates gain invaluable skills, experience and contacts. They develop their performance craft, form relationships with leading industry professionals, and have their work presented at a highly recognised and popular venue. The program often acts as a springboard, many graduates have been recognised by major companies and enjoyed successful and fulfilling careers in theatre, television and associated creative industries.

Red Stitch is extremely proud of this unique program. No other theatre company in Australia offers such a rich and immersive opportunity for artists making the transition from training institutions to the wider industry. We are committed to continuing our investment in future theatre makers, but we need your help. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to our Graduate Program.

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