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Imagine a world where the dream of the developed world has changed, and we do everything required to care for communities and the planet!

Such a world is possible, and indeed a great movement of positive change is already occurring. If it succeeds in setting the tone for society as a whole, historians of the future will look back at our time as the era of the Great Transition to a life-sustaining society.

Be The Change Australia's aim is to accelerate the Great Transition, and we invite your financial support for this initiative - as well as your active involvement.

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Enquiries: Andrew Gaines +612 8005-8382.

Our vision is to inspire thousands - if not millions - of individuals and organisations in Australia and globally to champion the idea that we are in a Great Transition to a life-affirming  culture. This idea is a visionary alternative to the mantra of economic growth, economic growth. It redefines what our times are about.

This aspiration requires new modes of understanding that will lead to practical on-the-ground action. We envision organisations seeding this understanding into society through blogs and articles. We also envision a multitude of workshops, presentations and focused conversations conducted by citizen educators and thought catalysts.

Your donation will support the team catalysing the Inspiring Transition initiative. The team is already hard at work. Our eBook Accelerating the Great Transition - Engaging mainstream commitment to a life-sustaining society outlines a three tiered communication strategy and a set of about 20 imaginative communication tactics. We have developed a set of innovative teaching tools that enable people to connect-the-dots and think for themselves about large-scale systemic change.

We invite you to participate in other ways as well as your generous donation! The Inspiring Transition Launch will be throughout September 2015. During the lead-up to the Launch we will be engaging as many organisations as we can in posting blogs and articles, and running workshops inspiring people with a vision of the Great Transition to a life-sustaining future. We will show how we can all contribute to contribute to the transition to a life-sustaining future.

Thank you for your support!

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