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Gurrumul Yunupingu Foundation

Gurrumul Yunupingu Foundation

Gurrumul's Foundation was established in 2013 with a clear purpose to engage and support young Indigenous Australians - particularly in remote communities across Australia - through long term programs and activities that build on their natural strengths, assisting them to find pride and place as leaders in their communities, and giving them hope for the future.

Through artistic, traditional and contemporary community projects the Foundation will develop, support and celebrate the existing skills and talents of young people in all art forms, in social media and IT, sport, cultural knowledge and languages. The programs will also assist young people with income generation and social support.

The Gurrumul Foundation's Vision is to deliver programs developed in collaboration with leaders and young people in their communities with the long term aim of making a serious difference in alleviating the damaging effects of poverty, ill-health and substance abuse, disadvantage, lack of education and employment opportunities, cyber - bullying and youth suicide.

The Foundation strongly believes that change can be achieved through -:
  • community devised and driven projects with long term planning and longevity always the goal.
  • employment of Indigenous artists and trainers, particularly from local communities involved, alongside guest/visiting artists, specialists and trainers.
  • ensuring that guest program leaders have appropriate cross-cultural awareness and knowledge and the support of local language speakers on the ground.
  • building of community capacity to continue activities so skills remain in the community and can ultimately lower the cost of delivery in remote locations.
  • valuing the importance of community languages, the inherent cultural knowledge they embrace, and celebrate their use.
"Young Yolngu don't know where to go, or what is their future. We need to help them" Gurrumul, June 2012.

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