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In-home care for kids with complex needs

Many of us experience the joy of children in our lives, but for families with children diagnosed with life-limiting condition or complex care needs, the ongoing challenges can often overwhelm those feelings as they simply try and cope with the complexities they face.

Caring for a sick child at home will normally mean having to get up to the child several times during the night, managing frequent seizures or episodes of apnoea, coping with ongoing heavy lifting, difficult behaviours and possibly changing nappies for the whole of a child's life. The child may not be able to speak, hear, breathe independently, walk or do many other things that most of us take for granted. 

Hannah's House provides vital respite, support and relief for families who are experiencing significant emotional, physical, financial or social hardship as a result of caring for a child with these complex needs and conditions. In most cases the families we support fall between the cracks and are unable to access the funding or type of support they require.

Why We Are Needed

There is a widely acknowledged gap in the provision of children's respite services in Western Australia (WA). Although a child might receive a life-limiting diagnosis, their journey could span weeks, months or even years. This often places a great stress on families and affects their resources, relationships and wellbeing.

Estimating the number of children living with such conditions at any one time is challenging, as definitions vary. In WA the number of affected children (aged 0 to 15 years) may be as many as 1600, or 32 in every 10,000.

Growing evidence suggests that as well as being much better for children and their families, supporting a sick child in the family home is far more cost-effective than waiting until the family reaches crisis point or a child reaches a medical crisis that results in unnecessary or costly time in hospital.

Hannah's House plays an important role in symptom control and helping maintain the quality of life for seriously ill children within their own home and fostering healthy family relationships for parents and siblings.

You Can Help

Hannah's House was established with the vision to provide care, support and respite options for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services to assist families from time of diagnosis through to end-of-life care. This includes both in-home and short-term out-of-home care, with a range of counselling, support and bereavement services over time.

A donation to Hannah's House today will help provide vital in-home nursing or palliative care to a family in need.

We are also interested in speaking to donors wanting to help raise the capital to build Hannah's house - the first hospice home for children living with life-limiting conditions and their familes in Western Australia.


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