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Happy Paws Haven has been battling the costs of specialist treatment for a number of the animals in their care and the vet bill has sky rocketted. Please help them continue the wonderful work they do rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming cats and dogs

Here at Happy Paws Haven we rescue cats and Dogs, we give them what ever medical treatment they need, desex them, chip them and immunise them. We assess them for any behavoural issues and put in place enrichment and behavioural modification plans so that they can have the best chance to get a wonderful forever home.

Due to this we owe our vet $10,000 which we have to pay before June 30th, the end of our Vet's Financial Year!

Happy Paws Haven currently has 6 puppies and 20 young cats waiting to be immunised and desexed but can't aford to do it as yet due to the vet bill. Please help us pay our vet bill before the end of October! Please let Happy Paws Haven continue the good work that it does with the cats and dogs in need!


Please Help Happy Paws Haven Inc to pay their vet bill so that they can continue to do the wonderful work they do with the cats and dogs they rescue rehabilitate and rehome!


Every animal that Happy Paws Haven takes in, is given the promise that whatever needs to be done, will be done to restore their health and wellbeing if it is feasible to do so! There is a commitment to each and every one to receive the best care possible given the resources available! They have a place to be until the correct forever home is found!

The commitment to those adopting is that if the animal is not safe to be in our homes we will not allow it into your home!

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