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Health Communication Resources Inc.

Health Communication Resources


What do we do?

HCR projects design, develop and implement community-centred media solutions to meet community needs for health information, education, social learning, advocacy and entertainment. We work alongside and train members of communities to use media effectively to reach their own community goals. We empower local people with the media skills and resources needed to make real, positive and lasting changes in their own community.

What can you do?

Your contribution to Health Communication Resources (HCR) will help support our community-centred media and training projects operating in Australia and internationally amongst indigenous and marginalised communities.

For more information about what kinds of projects your gift can support, check us out at

Is my Gift Tax Deductible?

No; based on the flexible nature of HCR's training and our international projects, not all of our work falls into the government categories needed to be tax deductible.

However, tax deductibility is available for donations toward our accredited training programs which are provided through one of our training partners - The Australian Centre for Advanced Studies (ACAS). If you would like to contribute toward this training and receive a receipt for tax deductibility purposes, please contact us at

Where donations are made without the requirement for tax deductibility, HCR has more flexibility in the use of these donations. These donations allow us to meet community needs which do not specifically fall under a structured accredited training course.

If you do not normally claim such donations as tax deductions when you do your income tax return, or if you do not earn enough to have to pay tax, then donating directly to HCR is the simplest option.

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.