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Heaps Decent Ltd is a not for profit arts organisation working to create social change through the delivery of contemporary music and multi-media projects. Since 2007 Heaps Decent has worked with thousands of vulnerable young people who are experiencing significant challenges early in life- such as those in Juvenile Justice centres, experiencing homelessness, leaving school early or at-risk of dropping out of education, and struggling to fit into the world around them.  

Heaps Decent builds practical skills and supports young people in creating a new, life-affirming story and achieving personal accomplishment, empowering them to know they are the most powerful agents for change within their own lives.  

Heaps Decent is currently working with more than 700 children and young people in projects across NSW. Over the last year around 300 original music tracks have been created with participants. Through the provision of high quality creative programs Heaps Decent:

  •  Improves the lives of 'at-risk' young people by providing positive opportunities and resources
  •  Develops young people's skills in music production, creativity, leadership, writing, literacy, communication and teamwork
  •  Builds participants confidence and self esteem
  •  Re-engages disconnected young people with education, learning, and their communities

Your donation will go directly toward project delivery and help support change, positive futures and the development of high quality Australian music with young people.

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